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    "Wild Flowers" Collection

    A new collection in collaboration with interior architect Adriana Pearlman.

    The “Wild Flowers” room encapsulates a harmonious blend of classic
    and country deco styles, offering a captivating and immersive experience.
    Room decorated for a limited time in Rolle.

    [ By Thomas Spieker / Photographied by Mikel Naumann ]
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    After earning her degree in interior architecture in London, Adriana Pearlman applied her design expertise to extraordinary spaces around the world. Her career began in the English capital before expanding to Argentina and Uruguay, ultimately returning to Europe. Now settled in the picturesque setting of Crans Montana, Switzerland, Adriana has carved out a prominent place in the realm of high-end interior decoration. invited Adriana to decorate a thematic room, allowing her to freely choose from our expanding collection.

    You can explore this temporary exhibition in Rolle by planning your visit. Click below to schedule your appointment.

    The "Wild Flowers" room seamlessly blends classic and rustic styles, providing an immersive and charming experience.

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    Collection « Wild Flowers »

  • Living of lights

    “Salon des Lumières” Collection presents a collection in collaboration with interior designer Eric Da Costa.

    Collection in memory of the Age of Enlightenment,
    a literary, cultural and philosophical revolution in the 18th century.

    [ By Thomas Spieker / Photographed by Mikel Naumann ]
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    As an architect and designer, Eric da Costa has brought to life exceptional spaces in the heart of European cultural hubs such as Geneva, Paris, Madrid, Prague and London.

    The first partnership with Moinat dates back more than 25 years to a prestigious project for the Moroccan Royal Family. Today, we have invited Monsieur Da Costa to take part in a new collaboration: to decorate a showroom with pieces from our current stock, giving him “carte blanche” to express his creativity.

    On our website you’ll regularly discover new decors created in collaboration with different designers. We want to help you find the ambience and inspiration that suits your needs and desires. Welcome to a new dawn of bold, inspiring design!

    “Salon des Lumières” Collection

  • byMoinat

    The “#byMoinat” Collection

    A selected collection of custom-made furniture and original decorative objects.

    For decades we’ve been designing and manufacturing
    and customised objects. We’ve now selected a few of these
    to offer in a permanent collection.

    [ By Gérard Moinat ]
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    Since 1920, the Moinat family offers decoration and antiques services in Rolle, between Geneva and Lausanne, with projects carried out throughout Switzerland and abroad. Over the years and after numerous undertakings, a large collection of “Moinat” objects has been created. Products ranging from sofas and lamps to wrought iron furniture have been designed and refined – we continue creating numerous new models with customised finishes each year.

    We have grouped some of our creations into a unique collection that combines heritage and design. Our own workshops in Rolle and Lausanne specialise in creation and, thanks to highly skilled craftsmen, we are committed to quality craftsmanship and the perpetuation of traditional know-how.
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    The “#byMoinat” Collection

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  • Brienz

    “Brienz” Collection

    Special selection of traditional woodcarvings from Brienz, Switzerland.

    Discover a variety of unique and traditional wood
    carvings from the beautiful region of Brienz in Switzerland.
    A living, renowned Swiss artistic tradition.

    [ By Thomas Spieker / Photographed by Benjamin Pichonnaz ]
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    The art of woodcarving began in the charming town of Brienz. Their magnificent creations continue to amaze connoisseurs and collectors from all over the world, making them precious keepsakes. The Brienz School, founded in the 19th century, continues to set the standard for the training of talented woodcarvers.

    Brienz’s creations blend effortlessly with mountain surroundings, but the latest trend is to combine them with contemporary interiors. In a recent collaboration with renowned designer Philippe Starck, we have integ ated replicas of a 19th century armchair into several hotels in Switzerland and abroad, creating a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

    We – the Moinat family – have a passion for this Swiss tradition and strive to offer pieces of, unrivalled quality in terms of carving, finish, colour and respect for the animal’s form. Each piece is carefully selected to assure a level of excellence. For us, the preservation of this precious Swiss tradition is a duty, and we are convinced that future generations will continue to appreciate this exceptional heritage.
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    “Brienz” Collection

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