The “#byMoinat” Collection

A selected collection of custom-made furniture and original decorative objects.

For decades we’ve been designing and manufacturing
and customised objects. We’ve now selected a few of these
to offer in a permanent collection.

[ By Gérard Moinat ]
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Since 1920, the Moinat family offers decoration and antiques services in Rolle, between Geneva and Lausanne, with projects carried out throughout Switzerland and abroad. Over the years and after numerous undertakings, a large collection of “Moinat” objects has been created. Products ranging from sofas and lamps to wrought iron furniture have been designed and refined – we continue creating numerous new models with customised finishes each year.

We have grouped some of our creations into a unique collection that combines heritage and design. Our own workshops in Rolle and Lausanne specialise in creation and, thanks to highly skilled craftsmen, we are committed to quality craftsmanship and the perpetuation of traditional know-how.
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The “#byMoinat” Collection

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