The Sound of Colours

« The Sound of Colours » Collection

A new collection presented by in collaboration with interior decorator Emmanuelle Diebold.

The starting point for the exhibition "The Sound of Colours" was to mix styles and combine colors. The result is a visual melody where the past meets the present in a vibrant symphony.

[ By Thomas Spieker / Photographied by Mikel Naumann ]

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After several successful years in the fashion industry with her boutique "Rouge de Honte" in Lausanne, Emmanuelle Diebold expanded her creative horizons into interior decoration during a four-year stay in Marseille. Since returning to Switzerland in 2015, she has continued in this career. Emmanuelle has designed elegant interiors for restaurants, offices, and medical practices, and even redecorated a room at the prestigious Lausanne Palace. Alongside these projects, she has built a growing and dedicated private clientele, solidifying her reputation as an accomplished interior decorator. To add color to the showroom at Grand-rue 94 in Rolle, invited Madame Diebold to freely select from our expanding collection. Her approach, blending fashion, design, and lifestyle, is infused with vibrant colors, materials, and extraordinary objects. It is with great enthusiasm that she embraced the opportunity to showcase the treasures of the Moinat house, rare and refined pieces from the 17th to the 20th century, in perfect harmony with contemporary touches that resonate with our times.

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« The Sound of Colours » room seamlessly blends classic and rustic styles, providing an immersive and charming experience.

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« The Sound of Colours » Collection

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