Living of lights

“Salon des Lumières” Collection presents a collection in collaboration with interior designer Eric Da Costa.

Collection in memory of the Age of Enlightenment,
a literary, cultural and philosophical revolution in the 18th century.

[ By Thomas Spieker / Photographed by Mikel Naumann ]
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As an architect and designer, Eric da Costa has brought to life exceptional spaces in the heart of European cultural hubs such as Geneva, Paris, Madrid, Prague and London.

The first partnership with Moinat dates back more than 25 years to a prestigious project for the Moroccan Royal Family. Today, we have invited Monsieur Da Costa to take part in a new collaboration: to decorate a showroom with pieces from our current stock, giving him “carte blanche” to express his creativity.

On our website you’ll regularly discover new decors created in collaboration with different designers. We want to help you find the ambience and inspiration that suits your needs and desires. Welcome to a new dawn of bold, inspiring design!

“Salon des Lumières” Collection

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