Wild Flowers

"Wild Flowers" Collection

A new Moinat.com collection in collaboration with interior architect Adriana Pearlman.

The “Wild Flowers” room encapsulates a harmonious blend of classic
and country deco styles, offering a captivating and immersive experience.
Room decorated for a limited time in Rolle.

[ By Thomas Spieker / Photographied by Mikel Naumann ]
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After earning her degree in interior architecture in London, Adriana Pearlman applied her design expertise to extraordinary spaces around the world. Her career began in the English capital before expanding to Argentina and Uruguay, ultimately returning to Europe. Now settled in the picturesque setting of Crans Montana, Switzerland, Adriana has carved out a prominent place in the realm of high-end interior decoration.

Moinat.com invited Adriana to decorate a thematic room, allowing her to freely choose from our expanding collection.

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The "Wild Flowers" room seamlessly blends classic and rustic styles, providing an immersive and charming experience.

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